WoW Classic

Started playing WoW Classic the other day. It’s so much fun. It’s much harder than starting a new character now where you can mail him a bunch of coin and bags and enchanted heirlooms and they wreck their way to 120.

I started playing wow after a few years of Everquest, right before Burning Crusades came out (I think it was after the last big patch before the expac was released) an I had a friend who sent me 10 gold, a bunch of bags, and ran me through some dungeons to get me some starting gear, so I have never played WoW from absolutely nothing, it’s made it more difficult and interesting having to pick and choose what spells I can afford, having no money for upgrades, bags, etc.

Starting zones are super crowded too, there are lines to do some quest stages, like killing a named guy for the last part of a quest. But instead of griefing, and kill stealing and whatnot, I’ve been invited to a group where we all get credit for the kill more often than not. Here is a video of the Human starting area when it was LESS crowded to give you an idea

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