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Forza Horizon 4 – Series 22 Autumn PR Stunts and New Car

The Autumn Season, like the Summer Season, for Series 22 only adds one new car, I didn’t bother getting 50% for the season, just did the PR Stunts and got the new car.

1999 Ford Racing Puma

The 1999 Ford Racing Puma is the new car for the Autumn season. The Racing Puma was based on the same platform as the MK4 Fiesta but was a 3 door 4 sear coupe. The Racing Puma was based on the Puma RS Concept which showed off Fords rally expertise. Only 500 were made. Since the races were limited to 800 PI Jaguars, I used the 1964 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type For the tune I used use the share code 113 893 484

PR Stunts

This weeks PR Stunts were done using the Hoonigan RS200 Again, and the Ferrari 599X Evo. I use these two cars for most of the PR stunts, if you don’t have them kee checking the Auction House it.

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